Scholarship Purpose and Criteria

Annual awards will be made to one or more Palmer Society active member(s) in good standing with a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 who model and promote the values and ideals of the Palmer Society as stated in the Palmer Society Alumnae Endowed Scholarship Standards and Definitions.

Awards shall be determined through an application process. The status of an active will be verified at the time of the application and award date by the Office of Student Life.

Award winners will be determined primarily on merit; however, financial need and hardship can be taken under consideration provided applicants of comparable merit are still recognized. Multiple awards are an encouraged goal and the total number of awards will depend on the spending amount available. The minimum award should be $1,500, with the total of all awards adding up to the maximum endowment spend that given year.

Award amounts should reflect the quality of the applicant as determined through the process and higher amounts may be provided to those with obvious financial need or hardship.