Mentor Requests

Alumnae mentoring support is available for applicants wishing to receive coaching on their application.

Please indicate when you will be able to meet with alumnae mentors, either by phone or by online meeting platform (identify available platforms) in your email message accompanying the submission.

Applicant Responsibilities to Mentors

Applicants must make contact with their mentor no later than published check in date to set up their meeting. Applicants requesting alumnae mentor support must submit a draft or outline of their personal statement and essay question prior to their first meeting with their mentor. Alumnae mentors will coach applicants on their personal statement or essay, wherever feedback is desired, however the core concepts of these portions of the application are the sole responsibility of the applicant. Mentoring sessions should be completed within 30-45 minutes, depending the negotiated time. Mentors should be contacted by the applicant within 48 hours of the applicant receiving the assignment. Mentoring sessions should be completed with sufficient time to be of benefit to the application.

Mentor Liaison

The Mentor Liaison will pair applicants with mentors. The goal is for applicants to put forth their very best and most competitive Palmer Quality effort.

Office Hours

You may also contact us anytime with questions or to make an appointment for office hours. See the Application and Instructions Download for specific contact details or e-mail upon request with due notice.