Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarship

The Palmer Society community has steadily raised over $143,000 to endow this fund and continue to work to grow it with the objective of offering both more scholarships and bigger awards so we may honor more of hardworking active sisters. It is our goal to “Help Palmer Girls Fulfill their Dreams”.

Palmer Society Alumnae Endowed Scholarships are merit based awards given to a currently active Palmer Society members in good standing who model and promote the values and ideals of the Palmer Society. This scholarship was established in 2009 and endowed in 2011. The Endowed Scholarship Fund has awarded 23 scholarships worth over $42,000 since 2010.

Scholarship Purpose and Criteria

Alumnae Endowed Scholarships Applications

Applications for our Fall 2020 Award are now available

Together with Whittier College, the Palmer Alumnae Scholarship Board has recently updated our scholarship application process.

We are proud that our new application process will continue to meet with Palmer Society high standards for our members while also utilizing best practices to ensure both transparency and integrity when making award determinations. This new, more sustainable process will continue to serve our desire to help our undergraduate sisters to graduate with less debt and be more empowered to pursue their life goals for many years to come.

Palmer Alumnae pledged to periodically review scholarship practices and update the process to ensure that the award process is current with best practices and will continue to we meet with our intent to help Palmer Society members fulfill their dreams by completing their undergraduate educations.