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    2021 NME Update

    Due to the pandemic, The Palmer Society will not be participating in New Member Education for the Spring of 2021.⁣The Palmer Society wants our potential members to be able to build the same bonds we did through our experiences and fully implement the changes we want to make to our process.⁣

  • 2020 NME

    2020 Candidates

    Candidate Michaela Aparicio ’23 Major: Whittier Scholars Program Hometown: Whittier, CA Candidate Alexa Lidskin ’20 Major: Whittier Scholars Program Hometown: San Gabriel, CA Candidate Jacky Lopez ’21 Major: Psychology & English Hometown: Whittier, CA Candidate Melissa Martinez ’23 Major: Biology & French Hometown: San Diego, CA Candidate Esme Young ’22 Major: Child Development Hometown: San Francisco, CA