Why should I join a society when there are so many clubs at Whittier College?

Whittier College societies are one of the oldest traditions on campus and have stood the test of time when other groups have faded with the changing needs of students at Whittier. This fact is a testament to the ability of societies to continue to adjust and meet the needs of so many individuals as the times have changed. While the reasons individuals join a society are diverse, here are some common benefits cited by members for joining a society:

  • Desire to be a part of a lasting organization at the college that is rich in history and tradition.
  • Social opportunities throughout the school year and beyond.
  • Opportunities to meet and develop friendships in an area which is not limited to extraordinarily specific activities, skills, goals, or demographics.
  • To enrich college experiences beyond the classroom.
  • Chances to meet and be involved with other members of the Whittier College community who can help me to grow in both the personal and the professional arena.
  • Genuinely unlimited opportunities to plan interesting activities and events that span a variety of areas, from community service to cultural and intellectual pursuits to personal entertainment.

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