Someone told me I shouldn’t start the NME process until I am a sophomore. Is this true?

When you decide to start the NME process is completely up to you and is limited only by your academic eligibility and standing with Whittier College. No one can tell you when the right time to participate in the process for you is except you, yourself.

An important thought: Many members find that going through the NME process as an underclassman is a valuable experience because they had time to grow as an individual with every experience society life presented. As these members learned more about themselves and what they could do as society members, they were able to accomplish even more within the society. Furthermore, while NME teaches these members a great deal about being a society member, there is still a lot to learn from your sisters about the society and how it works, especially in the first year. More often than not, members who delayed joining the society wished they had more opportunity to realize their full potential as an active. While these individuals have few regrets, many do wish they had went through the process sooner.

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