Does New Member Education take a lot of time?

One of the many skills taught during NME is time management. There are many things to learn and do in during the process, but Palmers learn to manage all the things they do with the help and cooperation of their Palmer sisters.

It is important to be very honest with yourself about your time commitments before deciding to go through NME. You need to be fair to your new member sisters and the Palmers in following through with your obligations to the entire group both during and after NME. No matter how busy our members are, we do expect them to be engaged and active within the group.

Most Palmers serve on at least 2-3 committees during the regular semester as well as attend weekly meetings that are at least 1 hour. In addition, we place a priority on maintaining good grades while attending activities and fundraising events. Life balance is important; Palmers are often members and leaders in other groups and teams on campus and many work. Being able to accommodate all those schedules is something we work on constantly and while certainly not everyone can always attend everything, we do expect our members to make every effort to be involved.

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