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Resumes for the Palmer Scholarship

Resumes that are ready for use in real world job, fellowship, or internship applications are requested. This personal document should clearly elucidate the applicant’s personal record and goals and be formatted appropriately for the applicant’s desired career path. Most importantly, the resume should stand on its own, apart from the application, like it would for any general position for which you might apply.

Resume Resources

Resume Tips

  • Take this opportunity to give the reviewer a sense of who you are as a person. In addition to standard resume information, provide the experiences and activities that you view as important in your life that the reviewer would not be aware of otherwise from the scholarship application and especially if they extend beyond the Palmer Society experience.
  • The resume should reflect accurately your achievements to date and provide some sense of the scale of those achievements in order to provide impact to the document. Only if desired, expand upon your roles in the Palmer Society by describing your specific achievements, if appropriate, in addition to the roles and achievements that you would use to describe yourself from your experiences elsewhere. Highlight any leadership role.
  • The Scholarship Committee strongly recommends getting feedback regarding your resume before submitting it with your application.