Criteria and Scholarship Oversight


Awards will be given to a currently active member in good standing who models the values of the Palmer Society as stated in our Mission and Values Statement. This is a merit based scholarship.

The scholarship requires an “Active member in good standing” to meet the following standards:

  • Scholarship applicants and recipients must be an undergraduate member of the Society with declared Active status. Active status must be compliant with Whittier College’s requirements and standards for active society members, including but not limited to enrollment and to academic eligibility.
  • Scholarship applicants and recipients must serve as representatives of the Society and recognize that their attitudes and behaviors reflect upon the Society. They are expected to act courteously towards all, and to respect the individuality of others. Applicants and recipients are expected to participate in and contribute to events requiring the work of all members of the Society and to be actively and consistently engaged with the society including but not limited to meetings, service events, new member recruiting activities, and committee work. Level of engagement must be on par with eligibility standards for active participation during the New Member Education.
  • Scholarship applicants and recipients must have completely fulfilled all financial obligations to the Society for all completed semesters of their membership including but not limited to dues, “gear”, and events. In addition to owing no monies for previous semesters, they must be up to date on their financial obligations during current semester and before the start of the award semester.
  • Scholarship applicants and recipients must have nomination and voting privileges.

The scholarship uses the following the Mission and Values Statement:
The Palmer Society mission is to promote and to develop aesthetic appreciation amongst its members in an effort to attain to the highest ideals of womanhood. We believe the foundation of womanhood are the core values of friendship, loyalty, and sincerity.

  • Friendship reflects the respect we feel for one another and the diversity of our sisterhood. It includes a commitment to work together in a spirit of cooperation and to do our fair share in carrying out our stewardship of the Palmer Society.
  • Loyalty underlies our commitment to stand for what is fair as well as in the best interests of our community, Whittier College, the Palmer Society, and each other.
  • Sincerity is truth and honesty in both our actions and in how we express ourselves, our individual beliefs and our ideals while respecting the diversity of our sisterhood and of our world community.

These values to which we adhere guide us daily and toward our highest ideals. These ideals are expressed in a fourfold motto of friendship, service, loyalty, and scholarship and will help lead us to a fulfilling life.

  • The friendship that we nurture means to go “out of one’s self, and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another”— helping each sister become the best person she is truly meant to be.
  • Life is a cherished gift to be honored through Service. A Palmer member strives to give of herself freely through service to our community, to Whittier College, to the Palmer Society, and to each other.
  • Loyalty– For a full life, a Palmer should be loyal to the things in which she has put her trust— her school, her country, her society, and her beliefs. She should be loyal to her friends, and to those she loves.
  • Scholarship is the pursuit for truth that will continue throughout our lives. Excellence, curiosity and problem solving are part of our lives in as much as we know as long as we breathe we always have more to learn.

These shared values along with the ideals to which we aspire guide us in our stewardship of the Palmer Society and define our Palmer Sisterhood— a Sisterhood which we carry with us always and will last our lifetimes and beyond.

Application and Criteria Oversight
Scholarship criteria may be re-evaluated and new or different criteria suggested to a Scholarship Board before each instance of the solicitation of applications and awarding of the Palmer Scholarship Alumnae Endowed Scholarship. The acting Scholarship Board will make decisions regarding the specific content of the application in order to assess how a currently active members in good standing model the values of the Palmer Society as stated in our Mission and Values Statement. The Scholarship Board is encouraged to solicit broad feedback regarding criteria and format of the scholarship directly from the greater Palmer Society member community on a no greater than quinquennium (5 yr) basis. The Scholarship Board will be determined by Palmer Society Alumnae Leadership Council volunteers.

Reviewers will be invited to participate from any of the following pools: Palmer Alumnae community, scholarship donors, the Palmer Alumnae sponsors (past and present), the Palmer Alumnae Leadership Council. It is highly desired that the current Alumnae and Faculty Sponsors participate whenever possible as well as Barbara Ondrasik Groce, as the principal founder of this scholarship. Reviewers are encouraged to make a recommendation to the number of scholarships to present when they deem it represents a fair award based on the outcome evaluation scores.

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